Top Home Decor Trends That Will Make Your Place Fresh & Magnificent in 2020

Top Home Decor Trends That Will Make Your Place Fresh & Magnificent in 2020

Every home tells a story it has gathered with the people living in it. Whether it is a bungalow or a small apartment, everyone wants their home to be unique. It is a place where memories are created and dreams are filled with love and support.

Top Interior design institutes in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and other parts of the country, understand people’s love for their dwelling place.

The home decor plays a crucial part in a person’s life. It could determine the mood and describe anyone’s personality. When it comes to Indians, we are ardent about our living space.

A home might be just a place for some people, but for Indians, it is like a temple. Every season, we determined to prepare it like a beautiful bride.

Today, we discuss tell a few décor trends that you can know if you are planning to join an interior designing course or simply decor your house.

  • Personalized Interiors
  • Home Automation
  • Layered Lighting
  • Minimalistic Décor
  • Wall Art
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Personalized Interiors

Personalization for the interior decor of the house is a growing trend now. People look forward to designing their apartments according to their lifestyle. The interior design courses in Mumbai will teach you how to customize a house with a child or elder friendliness.

Interior design courses in Mumbai will also focus on certain lifestyles such as working couples, maid-managed kitchens, home working couples, and others.

Home Automation

Now, we live in a technically dependable world, where some desires are inevitable. Things such as lightning, smart televisions, air conditioners, music players, and others; are all operated by a single remote or your voice too. The most popular home controlling systems are Inoho, Oakter, Jio Fibre, and more.

Based on your requirements, an interior designer should assist clients to place such equipment in the right positions. It helps you to keep up with the new advanced generation of people.

Layered Lighting

Everyone wants a place where they can have house parties, family gatherings, Celebrations and more. However, every event requires a different set of lights to set the right mood. These things can be managed through different types of new lightings like

  • Ambient Lighting or General Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Interior design colleges in Mumbai will you to understand how to set up lights that fulfill the requirement of a party, festivals, dinners, and others.

Minimalistic Setting

Minimalism is the new emerging vogue in the field of interior design courses in Mumbai. Minimalistic décor involves things such as straight-line designs and simple style furniture that are easy to maintain, like folding beds, tables with furniture points, and others.

The Interior design colleges in Mumbai will put on the minimalistic designs to give your place an appealing and classy look.

Wall Art

Wall is a piece of canvas to fill it with the creativity and imagination of an interior designer. There an old saying that ‘Walls have Ears’, and by putting a wall art it gives it a soul. Interior design institutes in Mumbai teaches putting wall art to give houses a modern look.

People can choose artworks, digital art photographs, ancient and traditional art, and others to put on their wall.

Significance of Wall Decor

Home decor builds the mood for every activity around it. For some people, it’s not just a hobby, but it’s more of a passion to fill the world with the right colors and designs.

In a city like Mumbai, interior designers can use their skills to represent auspicious festivals, loving people, and a reinvigorating environment.

Mumbai is also a hub for young enthusiasts who desire to be an interior designer. One of the best interior design institutes in Mumbai with the best interior design courses is INIFD Ghatkopar.

INIFD Ghatkopar is part of the biggest interior design institute chain in the country. It is a renowned institute for producing some of the best interior designers in the country.

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