Here are a Few Tips for Interior Design Enthusiasts to Decor Any Office/Workplace and Make it more Employee-friendly

Here are a Few Tips for Interior Design Enthusiasts to Decor Any Office/Workplace and Make it more Employee-friendly

Numerous designs have made their way to Indian offices/workplaces today such as 3D installations spaces, meditation area, eccentric meeting room, and phone booths, motivational fresco wall spaces, cafeteria designs and wall of fame for employee appreciation.

Even though Mumbai is the economic capital of the country, people have been facing problems with the office spaces and working environment. Various interior design courses in Mumbai focus on advancing the interior environment to provide a suitable working space.

Tips for Interior Design in Mumbai

Interior design courses in Mumbai and other major cities of the country are aware of the companies’ requirements. They assure that most of the designers they produce have a keen knowledge about them. 

Interior designers can provide services and utilize creativity to build the fresh working place. Here are few interior decor tips of the upcoming and aspiring interior designers from Mumbai. 

  • Smart Furniture
  • Colors and Appearance 
  • Recreational Place
  • Green Environment

Smart Furniture:

There are various innovative and advanced range of furniture designed for the new-age workplaces. The new range of furniture has been designed according to the ease, look, and mental comfort. Smart, Durable, and Eco-friendly furniture is a requirement of every workplace.

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Recreational Place:

The recreational area plays a vital part in the office design layout. This is a full approach to get employees to the workplace where a person can have fun by taking a break from work. Indoor games like Table Tennis, Billiards, Pool, and Chess; are common in Indian corporate offices.

Green Environment:

Studies prove Employees working in a green office and surrounded by plants are happier than people in the general corporate office without greenery. Additionally, it is proved that working in a green-certified office strengthens 26% in perception and 30% decreases the chances of getting sick. It also helps in boosting 6% of their sleep quality.

Significance of Office Decor

On one hand, India is the second most populated country in the world with 65% of its population under 35 years of age. According to Labor Law of India, every employee is recommended to spend around 48 hours per week, however, People under this age bracket spend around 51 hours weekly working in their offices.

On the other hand, as a part of its pricing and earning Report of 2018, Swiss Investment Bank UBS reported that employees in Mumbai work for the longest time. The statistic illustrates companies’ responsibility to provide their employees with the motivational environment that is suitable for them to spend so many hours in a day.

Another Study proves that the providing good environment to the employees can increase 12% more productivity among employees. It is important for companies to provide their employees a home-like environment to generate more creativity.

Popularity of Interior Decor in Mumbai

Companies and Professional offices in Mumbai is a second home for the employees as they spend one-third of their day time in it. World-leading companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and others have designed their workplaces in an attractive and freshly environment to keep them engaged. 

Top Interior design colleges in Mumbai have provided designers that have worked for Multi-national companies like Reliance Industries, Colgate-Palmolive, Lakhani Builders, and others; for the interior décor. The organization has to put tons of attention in designing the interior of the offices. 

Scope for Interior Designing in Mumbai

The slight knowledge of the above-mentioned designs can help you design an amazing office. However, if you are an aspiring interior designer and want to learn more about such designs, you should join an interior design college in Mumbai. 

There are numerous top interior design institutes in Mumbai are available to get the certification. INIFD Ghatkopar is one of the leading interior design institutes in Mumbai that provides the best interior design course in Mumbai. INIFD Ghatkopar is a part of the biggest fashion and interior design institutes chain in the country.

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